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yeah, because retarded black bitches with 19 kids make up the majority of the people on welfare and not single white women with 1 to 2 kids...

oh wait...

never said there weren't any stupid white trailer trash on welfares, and yes, as a whole there are more of them then black. But that's disingenuous to tout that figure because as their percentage to the population, blacks are on the welfares at a higher rate then white.

But you knew that didn't you? You were just being dishonest and leaving that relevant fact out. Or you're ignorant.

Which is it?

And since I'm sure the race card is going to get played by someone about this, it isn't racist to talk about reality. The reality is blacks are on the welfares at a higher rate then whites. A racist like Sam Farber would say it's because of genetics, that they're inferior and need the welfare. I say that it's an issue of culture of entitlement. Mixed in that there are of course legitimate people in need. But I think there is significant fraud and waste in the welfare system that cost the taxpayers money.

It shouldn't be done away with, but it does need to be reformed.
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