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Wow, sorry for double post, i messed up the dropbox links somehow. If a mod could delete my above post.
It's nice to see the Mazda love at [M].

(sorry for the cell phone pics, although they arent terrible. HD2 running Android 2.3)

I bought myself a 2004 Mazda 3s for a daily driver about a month ago, and I love it.

I bought it second hand, it had 80k miles on it. Got it for $4.7k usd. steal. But, a week after i owned it, luckily I was in my neighborhood when it happened, my passenger lower control arm plum fell off !! Whoever worked on this car must have been a real nincompoop. Bought replacements for both sides for good measure, because the passenger arm bushings were completely shot.

After that was replaced, it was making a vibrating/knocking noise coming from the front passenger fender well. Turns out, it was just a motor mount. $75 fix. Now after all the regular maintinence has been cought up, it is good as new.

2.3l L4
5-spd m

removed dealership decals (ew)

put some small bump in the trunk. (tasteful bump)
restored headlamps lenses.

"Never judge a man's intelligence on what car he drives,
even if it is a 280."

'04 Mazda 3s 2.3l L4

[_o_] D50 (olds cool)
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