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Here is my car history for the past 2 years.

Started with an 08 Pontiac G8 GT. I had a Procharger Supercharger P1SC system put in it. Had a few other minor bolt on-s and upgraded brakes. Made 460/480 on a Mustang Dyno after my tuner got his hands on it. Made 390/396 with can tune from Procharger. And added Breyton CS Racing 20 inch wheels to the mix (20x8.5, 275 wide in rear 245 in front)

So, I kinda ran out of money to throw at it. It was very fast, but it needed much more augments to make it smoother/complete (rear gear swap, stall, trans tune) Along with that, the suspension in a g8 stock is rather....not there. Massive body roll and way to soft.

I put it up for sale/trade. And a guy with an 07 Jeep SRT8 messaged me and we decided to trade straight up.

With this suv, the head room is well, just not to be had. Any decent bump or railroad track and my head was hitting the roof. It handles like a sports coupe. Very stiff not a comfortable suv by any means, which I didn't really expect. Didn't expect it to be as bad as it was either.

So I sold this for a dealer. And I had a coupe back before the G8 GT (97 celica gt) So I wanted to try a sporty coupe. So I went to Miami, FLA and picked up a 06 Infinity G35 coupe. I don't have pic's of it due to cell phone only pics. But it had all options minus nav. Had the wheels painted a funky bass boat black/purple flake color. Handled amazing, drove amazing, I loved it. But I am fat and tall so the seats actually hurt to sit in (bolsters dug into my saddle bag fat)

So I traded that straight up to a guy on for what I am driving now.

An 08 Trailblazer SS AWD: And I currently have it for sale too lol.

My next car I really would like to get my fat ass in, would be an E55 AMG, E46 M3, Or lexus VIP GS300.....mod it to hell.

I really don't know what I want in a car, since I change cars so often. I just want something closer to perfection. All of these cars
have flaws I find, that yes can be fixed with modding but modding never stops.
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