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Because of course we all know that ocean acidification has not been one of the big pushes from the AGW crowd and this article is of course completely independent of that mindset . It's completely independent with no ties at all to anyone who would even think of AGW and its associated advocacy science as THE prime mover of environmental change. Especially after one after another of it's sacred cows gets blown out of the water(see what I did there?) by people no longer afraid of losing funding or positions if they dare question AGW,

Like I said, you cant be fucking serious.

You're trying too hard, hat slipping a bit?

So, I haven't really read this thread, but...

Are you suggesting that any climate research which suggests that humans are adversely affecting our surroundings is biased propaganda and lies? I just want to be clear here.

Is there something about the science in that experiment that isn't sound? Or do you just attack the credibility of the scientists directly?
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