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what about the other 99% of scientists? are they lying?

what about the fact that most of the deniers seem to be funded by the polluters? I'm sure there's no conflict of interest there.

what about the group of deniers who did their own studies only to find that their studies agreed with the consensus that global climate change is real and happening?
That's exactly what I'm trying to use the word "denier" and lump anyone who questions climate alarmism in with people who have political/monetary agendas on the other side of the issue. You like to cherry pick the dumb people who just think the entire thing is hogwash (which I don't) and hold them up as the standard for the other side....just like anyone who doesn't agree with all your liberal views is a "racist teabagger" or some other ridiculous moniker. Lumping everyone together in one neat little group is much easier for your mind to deal with...right?

I guess I could ask you the same basically you're saying that those 19 people who signed off on that article (which I doubt you even read) are liars and have something to gain personally?
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