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Long time lurker reporting in!
I'm currently living in France within sight of the pyrenees so riding a bike suddently makes a lot more sense than it did in the UK.. I booked some training and set off last month, started with the CBT on the 5th on a little yamaha 125 then moved on to an XJ6 for the direct access training. My first test was on the 10th, sadly I failed first time (1kph too slow on the swerve test!) but got it on the 2nd try, 2nd test was on the 18th which I passed first time!
In 13 days I'd gone from never having ridden a bike on the roads (done some MX) to having a full license, being able to ride any bike legally. On the afternoon of the final test I went to look at a bike and ended up putting a deposit on it... it was the right colour and oh so shiny:

Next step was to get back to France... a mere 1000 miles. I loaded the bike up, got various spares and tools and set off!

Happily I didn't need any of the spares etc, it all went smoothly, took 4 days over it with the longest being day 3, 300 miles. Got rained on slighty on the first day which the speedo didn't seem to enjoy but I stayed dry & upright.
All in all it's been a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I can't wait to get some more miles in... she needs a good wash first though! I've got a friend who's done lots of advanced training and instruction so he's going to take me out for a week and hopefully teach me how not to die!
So, thank you automay for all the advice contained within this thread and if anyone else is thinking about doing similar, go for it, it's not as scary as you (I?) think
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