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Originally Posted by putty_thing
Good post, I'm in the UK and looking at getting a bike soonish (hopefully I'll be riding before summer).

The list posted was interesting, but the general feeling from people here I've had on suitable beginner bikes were the Suzuki Bandit 600/650, Honda Hornet (CB600F, 599 over there), and Yamaha FZ6 (which I'm looking closest at) - all 'mid-weight' bikes, making more like 80whp.

I was planning on picking up an 03/04 for around 2-4000 - any thoughts?

Also, whats so good about our bike licencing over here?
The Bandit's a great choice, but I personally wouldn't recommend the Hornet or FZ6 for someone who's never been on a bike before. Just a little too much oomph for me think that they would help the beginner up that initially very steep learning curve.

And as for licensing, OWK's pretty much got it in a nutshell

Originally Posted by OneWhoKnows
More restrictions = less newbies on big bikes = less deaths.

To compare some death rate statistics (in deaths per 100 million vehicle miles travelled), the US is sitting at around 33, Canada is about 22, and the UK.....? 8. So basically a motorcyclist in the states is around 4 times as likely to die on a bike than a motorcyclist in the UK.
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