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Originally Posted by onewheeldoin200
To compare some death rate statistics (in deaths per 100 million vehicle miles travelled), the US is sitting at around 33, Canada is about 22, and the UK.....? 8. So basically a motorcyclist in the states is around 4 times as likely to die on a bike than a motorcyclist in the UK.

Suggesting that the engine size of a bike that a new rider throws his leg over has a direct relation to his likelihood of dying on it is unrealistic.

Do Canada and the UK have better rider education? Are their drivers better educated, as inattentive or careless cagers are at fault in a significant amount of rider accidents? Are the roads of better quality there?

My point is that there are plenty of factors that could be responsible for the US having a higher rider casualty rate--it's certainly a lot more complex than how big of a bike newbie riders are allowed on.
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