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are you trying to tell me you don't love bacon?

Bacon, like most meats, tastes fine to me. But this isn't about bacon, it is about you, and your pitiful, caged, existence.

Much like a coke or heroin addict, you have so little of value in your life that the only way you can feel good, special, worth something, is to experience the few remaining pleasures of your life in ever greater and greater quantity. This is not the existence of a stable person, a fulfilled person, a person who generates their own self worth. This is the existance of a slave, one who knows only the joys others can provide, one who lacks even the most basic power and control over circumstance. Every joy is fading, every experience pales in comparison to those of others, every possession fades into refuse days after purchase. The ironic thing here is, I'm sure you feel more "balanced", "free", and "stable" than me, as we both look outwards from our shared cage.

"Get free and live it up" describes my life. "With Shit I Am Adorned", yours.

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