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if drugs are legalised, there will be a few months where everyone tries them, then one of two things may happen with people

i) they try shrooms (for example), they say "wow, that was cool, makes me want to change my life (for the better). drugs like extacy, weed, etc, become a well understood curiosity for the weekend ( like alcohol is now). the effects of drugs are well understood. people are inteligent to the uses / doses. drugs are a side show to life (as they should be)

ii) the dopehead " stays high because life wasnt as intresting as getting high" (typical underachiever who never tries, stays in the same crappy job. a true addict.

education is the key, the goverment doesnt want to legalise "illegal" drugs, because they are afraid that #2 will happen, and they have noone to push about and tax (lol joepits)

never forget that alcohol is the most pointless fucking drug ever invented. there are better and safer ways of getting high. as we all well know.
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