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Curious: What do you mean by "more credible?"

how about a pistol that:

1. if someone came along and gouged out your eyeballs with a screwdriver and forced it into your hand your first response would be 'OMG you gouged out my eyes!' instead of "OMFG what is this piece of shit you just stuck in my hand!?!?!'

2. if you saw a police officer carrying it you wouldn't immediately think "wow, nice halloween costume" or "OMG holy shit this police impersonator is about to rob the place!!!"

3. if you saw it on the cover of a credible gun magazine in a positive light you wouldn't immediately look for the date of April 1 photoshopped onto the corner

4. a pistol that is capable of at least getting a hit SOMEWHERE ON THE PAPER AT NINE FUCKING FEET (some of them cannot. how a pistol can be so terrible that you can shoot repeatedly at a target 9 feet away and miss so terribly and have no idea where your bullets went is a special kind of suck)

5. a pistol that is at least engineered better than the $20 airsoft guns you can get at academy sports or WalMart

etc etc
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