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Except no one is doing that. The hyperbole doesn't fit reality. It's undeniable that the economy takes a while to recover especially when we're still spending money on wars that were started by the previous administration. To pretend that all of that can be fixed with a handwave is absurd.

Just like in 2016 the president of that time will have to deal with the policies enacted over these eight years. The country doesn't simply reset every time someone new takes the big chair. Policies that were put in place eighty years ago are still affecting the current administration, affected the last one, and will affect the next one.

But no one, not one goddamn person, is blaming everything that goes wrong on the president that came before. To suggest that is to make fun of the "messiah" references when the only people who ever used that term were his opponents, not his supporters.

"Nation of Islam calls Obama a Messiah. - CNN iReport"

"Louis Farakhan Calls Obama Messiah - CNN iReport"
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