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Nobody likes paying welfare to those who abuse that system. At the very least Dems don't condemn education and knowledge. Reps have dwindled down to a throng of crazy bible thumpers and corporate whores. I don't know what brings them together, it's quite interesting really.

Jesus said feed the poor, republicans say don't, you're just encouraging them.

What brings together the corporate whores and Talibangelicals? Only one thing: the Republican voting bloc is stupid and easily manipulated. The Republican party is dead, and two separate groups have slithered into its decaying and lifeless corpse to push their extreme agendas. The groups don't like each other. They don't want each other. But they're symbiotically bound to each other because they need votes. Now there is a melding between the two groups. Evangelicals are parroting extreme right-wing economic policies, and corporate whores are spewing extreme Christian social bigotry. All to pander to the voters of the other side of the Republican party.

Meanwhile, liberals and moderates are wondering when it's going to self destruct and disappear.
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