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Politics are pointless

After years of following global politics semi close in the news and various online sources, it seems to me that its a pretty pointless show. In fact, after enough time passes, nothing good can come from the currently accepted model of consumption and politics. At least that's my impression.

I realize someone has to keep a country running in a somewhat orderly fashion, riots are undesirable so at least the illusion of democracy has its virtues.

On an idealistic level however there are a few roadblocks to perfection for democracy. Aside from the fact that a large portion of any population is in fact clinically stupid, over the years political parties have become hard to distinguish from sports teams. Both have their fans who will stick with them through good and bad, with little rationale behind it. Bad mouthing the opponent with barely half-true, more often false information is par for the course.
Ideally, when another round of unpleasant elections comes around, people would carefully study in detail the program of each party and running individuals (and they should be forced to be pretty damn specific for a change) and decide, objectively, which items are closest to their heart and vote accordingly. Of course even this ideal scenario is pointless because everybody voting for what is best for them is not necessarily realistic on a bigger scale.

In reality it seems many people voting don't know half what the person they're voting for would like to do. And it's in the politician's interest to be as vague as possible lest he alienates valuable voters. Between the "always vote for party X" vote, the "I just like the guy better" vote and the peer pressure votes, there isn't a lot of informed balloting left I imagine. Again though, not like it matters.
Elections are mere popularity contests, and regardless of what would actually be best for the often short sighted population, a politician cannot win elections with unpopular proposals, regardless of whether or not they are stellar ideas. Mind you, stellar ideas are rare in political circles at any rate. It's no accident that there are very few truly intelligent rational people in politics with so many voters having an aversion to hearing reality.

Everything associated with politics has become alarmingly superficial. Pointless details will often trump serious (if boring) issues because the media aren't non profit organisations and tend to take sides anyway. So you'll rarely get the whole picture anyway. Contrast between parties tends to get magnified, even if over the years their ideas have become more similar than they'd be willing to admit. The sports fans need an arch enemy. No point watching a team play against itself.

But the most worrying part about the circus of politics is that it has led to unrealistic promises by everyone involved for a long time now. Less taxes, more money, cheaper credit, better "security". It has become nigh impossible for politicians to run programs that would actually make long term sense for everyone.

It's a never ending cycle of parties coming to power, people not being impressed, and voting whoever is promising change or more money into power the next time. Each parties stretch can be longer or shorter depending on largely external factors which they can attempt to take credit for (or distance themselves from it) but basically it will keep going up and down indefinitely.

In the meantime many genuinly important things will continue to get ignored by hollywood style news, and people's self-interest will ensure booms and busts. People have come to expect ever improving standards of life and politicians can only promise "more". When the current system comes to its inevitable demise at some point it's most likely not going to be pretty. So why give a flying fuck about left and right, who are the tree hugging liberals and who the inbred mullets? There is no "right" in politics, just the show that must go on and keep people from seeing the big hole being dug to fill the previous one.

With that I conclude my pointless rant. For the record I consider myself an average self centered human being no better than the rest. I do not believe there is a better alternative to what we have now (unless there is a big swing in human nature at some point). It's just imo and I find it refreshing to observe things that way. Why take it serious.

Apologies for any glaring erors in grammar or syntax, English isn't my first language.
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