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Well you are trained and I see no reason why a person of the armed forces couldn't own the same(similar) firearm they used in conflict as a recreational device. Military training teaches a lot more than just use of the weapon. I personally think it makes you more responsible for you actions in general. I mean you would want to stay sharp with it your downtime between deployments or even after discharge. Now obviously there will be limits to that buy few I imagine. That is a valid reason, one I'd support

I personally just don't see the argument that we NEED an AR15 style weapon to protect ourselves as citizens. It is more of a want than need. A normal person will feel just as safe with a handgun as they would with a semi-auto rifle.

An ar15 only looks like a m4/m16

It only fires 1 round per trigger pull just like every other weapon we can own with out jumping through legal hoops paying additional taxes and a minimum 6-10k for a full auto weapon.

How many criminals are going to pay 6,000 for a weapon, GO THROUGH THE BACKGROUND CHECK that takes nearly 6 months to kill mass amounts of people. That's right, they are not..

In like 99.99999999999% of all crimes it's usually stolen guns and/or something that costs less than 200 bucks... Really bro, gotta stop listening to the establishment and check out the FBI stats for yourself.
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