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Found a folding stock, NIB Wolf VEPR-12. Grabbed a Hogue AK grip (I have Hogues on all my guns. I'm a whore for them), flash suppressor, and an extra 10 round mag.
And P-Mid: They make pic rails for Saigas and VEPR's.

I read up a ton and seriously, the VEPR is what a SAIGA should have been from the get-go. They've improved on almost every aspect of the Saigas that were "meh".

Vepr barrels are cold forged, and the parts that are cast in a saiga are milled parts in a vepr, the receiver is milled. They're much stronger.
Vepr's leave the bolt open after the last shell has ejected. Saigas do not. This helps in reload times
Vepr's have magwells, so there's no "rock and lock" like the AK mag in the Saigas.

Best explanation I found, and what sold me:
You could buy a saiga for 600 and spend 200 converting it yourself. You still won't have the thicker receiver, milled parts instead of cast, hinged dust cover with the rail, AK sights instead of a bead, a last round bolt hold open, a magwell with drop free mags instead of rock n lock, self regulating gas system instead of a 2 setting system, actual AK handguards with a removable gas tube instead of a hunting handguard and fixed tube.

I'm stoked. Mine will be here Thursday
I'm the King of Wishful Thinking.....

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