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girlfriend gets sore from sex

Recently I havent seen my girlfriend much due to my exams and studies, and she is living further from me right now (about 2 hour drive) so I see her maybe once a week for this month.

So we dont have sex as often as we do, but recently when we see each other once a week and we have sex she seems to get sore. The other day she was giving me head, and I was fingering her (she was pretty wet) and then we go at it for maybe 10 minutes. She likes it hard so Im thrusty in missionary position and then she says shes getting sore.

Usually we go at it for around 30 minutes, but other times around a hour and it wouldnt be a problem. It seem have bothered her a bit (she kinda wanted to stop). What could it be? I would say not enough lube? But we didnt use to have a problem like this.
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