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sorry sunshine, Obama could give his speech from the white house or another venue. It was a political power play to try to co opt congress and show Who Has Da Powah!

Yeah, the president scheduling a speech before a joint session of congress is a political power play but the republican speaker of the house having a hissy fit and telling the president to reschedule, something that has never been done before, that was proper statesmanship, right?

If I remember my civics classes correctly. Each branch of the government is the equal of any of the others. Not some playtoy to go stomping off in a playground huff if it's not always your turn to play.
I'm pretty sure the president trying to schedule a speech before a joint session of congress does not fall under the separation of powers. He sent a letter to the speaker of the house (the person who schedules the agenda for congress) and requested some time.

Also, he's the fucking president whether you like him or not. Imagine Nancy Pelosi telling Bush to fuck off when he requested some time to speak before congress. lol

nice try though
right back at ya, chief.

And it's sad that people are crying because they think the prez got outmaneuverd by a fat drug addict talk show freak.
No one is crying. It's just sad that a fat drug addict talk show freak apparently runs the republican party. I guess it shouldn't be too surprising though, it's not like the tea party retards can think for themselves.

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