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why don't demonrats just ban assault rifles outright instead of banning pistol grips and folding stocks

makes no sense what so fucking ever

i think demonrats are in colt's and the NRA's pockets and they do this every few years so the prices of "scary" ARs can be jacked up for everybody thanks to gun ban panic, it's a gravy train

THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT ASSAULT WEAPONS ARE. Civilians can't just go out and buy an actual assault weapon, and haven't been able to in a very, very long time. They've created a whole category of faux "assault weapons" based upon some meaningless deadly characteristics like bayonet lugs and barrel shrouds. "Assault weapon" in the democratic lexicon means whatever they want it to mean or can conveniently ban based upon a bunch of irrelevant characteristics.
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