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the jews are the chosun people

kind of like koreans

chosun to be shoveled into ovens that are burning hot

jews are nothing at all like koreans.

the jews have lived historically as an eternally rootless "diaspora", scattered throughout europe, eurasia, and north africa.

although i am completely against (and have always been against) the modern colonial-imperialist "nation-state" of israel (i.e., if it even is truly a nation-state, which i doubt), one must understand and come to realize that the jews were more than happy to live amongst the europeans prior to the holocaust or what came to be known as the labor-prisons of the NSDAP Germany.

with the global advent/spread of imperialist mercantilism, sea-voyaging, colonialism, and industrial-capitalism all having their origins deep within the european experience of colonial-imperialism, the jews didn't think twice about the moral and ethical dilemmas stemming from their being "rootless cosmopolitans" and thus were at the "vanguard" of the european colonial "prosperity" project. the jews had no qualms with amassing great fortunes of wealth while (not)-working as usurious money-lenders, taking advantage of mercantile trade/development of industry amongst the christian (protestant) colonial outposts, since christianity usually tends to have much more strict regulations concerning itself against usury and money-lending. aka, avarice, greed, glutton, and now ultimately decadence and degeneracy.

basically, jews are the complete opposite of what koreans have persistently stood for, with nearly over a millennium of completely rooted and historically developed civilization.

the great battle since the 20th century has been between those who wish to preserve these historical rootedness ties/civilizations (and favoring the preservation of those roots over a stupiditfying prosperous quality-of-life), and those that proudly display their eternally-rootless cosmopolitan individualist greed, hoping to chase decadence and "prosperity" at all costs (including, of course, the jews, as they have always reveled in being rootless ahistorical/aciviilizational hebraic-speaking nomads.)
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