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Obama didn't triple anything ... it's actually Bush's shell game.

The Bush admin's budget deficit before sept '08 - 1.3 trillion ALREADY.

bush's bank bailout - 700 billion
bush's iraq war, not paid for - 800 billion
bush's medicare part d, not paid for - 300 billion

Obama's econ stimulus - 700 billion.

That's how you get to the current deficit, notice how Obama is responsible for only about a third of the total hole? Notice how the only USEFUL shit was the stuff Obama did unlike bush?

About half of the funds allocated for TARP remained untapped when President Obama took office. And while the Federal investments in the banks have actually proved profitable, the Administration is not going to return the money back to the Treasury.

And where are you getting the Iraq war figure from? That figure isn't counted in the Federal FY 2009.

And Bush's expansion of Medicare to cover prescription drugs (bad move, in my opinion) did not cost 300 billion dollars. That would account for 75% of all money allocated to Medicare during 2009, which is obviously incorrect.

You're playing fast and loose with the numbers and you're calling gg?
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