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oh my fucking god

How long have you been collecting for, Haxor?

When I was 5 I got the lever action .22 in the top right of the first pic for my birthday. It's super light but at the time it felt like I was holding a telephone pole. I struggled to bring it to my shoulder for just a second and could see how proud my dad was. As I relaxed my grip and let the rifle fall to my waist I looked up and noticed an indian standing over me. I have no idea how he got into my birthday party or why no one else noticed him. He had just witnessed me, a 5 year old child, should a rifle for the first time and this brought him great sadness. A single tear rolled down his cheek and dripped on my upper lip. Shocked by this event I immediately tried to wipe his tear away with my tongue. The taste was AMAZING. It was as if I had found a single morsel of the mythical greek ambrosia. I knew that day that I must seek out more of this wonderful delight. It would be my life's mission.

I shot the indian and my dad helped me skin him. We served him for christmas dinner (3 days later). We used every part. I still use his pony tail as bore snake to this day.
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