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im a dumbass who posts my bosses credit card number onto the internet for people to abuse
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i agree, any sane person would have priorities. house, no debt, cars, everything else.

Or at least would have financed it and put the rest of the money in a direct account or something. Some instrument with high interest to pay the difference with the financing.

edit: Holy shit this guy is 17? I had trouble believing Mike27 bought a porsche, and now this thread. I dont know, these canadians are doing something weird to be able to afford all this.

Either way, 40k lump sum dump on a car is really fucking stupid. Unless you have 200k in the bank then it would spit in a bucket but not when you have 40k. I also agree with Rangefinder, it would be damn hard to save 40k, not impossible just unlikely, as people need to survive.

Teaching piana for 40 an hour, maybe. If you teach 9 - 5 everday with constant clientele. I doubt you have that much business.

Lets see the copy of the check you wrote from your account with your signature as well as a picture of your licence. You can blank out the vitals.
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