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PaulR: Welcome to ChaCha!
You: Hi, someone told me earlier that he got some information from you
You: He said that someone told him it wasn't gay if the balls touched
PaulR: I see, is there anything I can search for you on this matter?
You: Well, not really I want to complain, I took my friends advice in good faith
You: and during "activities" the balls ended up touching, and now people are telling everyone else
PaulR: We'll I can't really help with that matter, the information was via a 3rd party and not us
You: But the thing is, my community has completely blanked me now, theyre all saying im a homo
You: I cant even go to the shop to get milk without someone making remarks about my anus
PaulR: Well those people don't sound very nice, perhaps you should explain what happened to them
You: Well thats the thing, they're all scared they will catch "queer" from me.
You: The thing is, im not gay and they cant catch it from me.
PaulR: You do realise that homosexuality isn't actually a disease, you cant catch it
You: Actually you can, my friend mark went to a working mans club and came home with an itchy arse
You: 3 days later he moved out of his house and in with some men, and now he wears tight leather
PaulR: I see, if your not in need of any search help then im unsure of what I can do for you
You: Ok, what I need to find out about my original query, is it normal to bleed after having gay sex
PaulR: I thought you said you weren't gay
You: O SHI-
You: Fuck you you homophobe bastard.
PaulR: Please RATE ME. Thanks for using ChaCha.
Status: Session ended.
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