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I'm going to cry like TO when the Giants beat NE in the superbowl
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Did a search for "Mr Lemmiwinks journey"

Status: Looking for a guide ...
Status: Connected to guide: BarbaraB
BarbaraB: Welcome to ChaCha!
You: hi
BarbaraB: Hello there!
You: how does this work?
BarbaraB: You tell us what you are looking for and we try to find it!
BarbaraB: Is this a book?
You: not sure
BarbaraB: Ok, lets see what I can come up with
You: it might be a different spelling
You: or maybe just Mr Lemmiwinks
BarbaraB: Ok, one moment please
BarbaraB: Is this the fellow you are looking for?
You: hold on let me look at it for a sec...
BarbaraB: Sure, let me know if you need more results
You: wow, thats pretty weird
BarbaraB: Yes, it is!
You: it's kind of disgusting
BarbaraB: Are these results sufficient?
You: do you think My friend and I should really try this?
You: He really wants to but I'm not sure it's safe
BarbaraB: Are these results sufficient?
You: Can you find out more?
Transfer: You are being transfered to another guide who can help you search even better!
Looking for guide ...
Status: Connected to guide: MelissaQ
MelissaQ: Welcome to ChaCha!
You: Can you tell me if the Mr Lemmiwinks thing is safe to try?
You: my partner wants to try it but I'm hesitant.
You: it seems unsanitary.
MelissaQ: LOL, I doubt it's safe, but hey that's just my opinion! :-) Thanks for the laugh and have a great day!
MelissaQ: Please RATE ME. Thanks for using ChaCha.
Status: Session ended.

This is a goldmine.
Keep em coming
And I think this thread is officially VALUT worthy. Especially since it's all text. No pictures to get lost eventually.
Wheres my sig???
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