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Originally Posted by TheJesus
God damn, I want to get one, but my parents would fucking flip.

I have a question though, I'm a big motherfucker, and whenever I have tried just sizing myself on smaller bikes, I have found myself hunching over uncomfortably. I'm 6'1" and 245ish pounds, so I am wondering what kind of beginning beginning beginning bike would be good for me.

My parents told me not to get a bike back when I was in college, so I just saved up every penny I could for a semester and bought one anyway. They were a bit pissy for a while, but when they realized I was serious about riding, they calmed down. I still get the "wear your gear and don't speed" lectures, but that's to be expected.

You'll probably want to start out on something a bit torquier than the average Ninja 250/500. The SV650 should fit the bill pretty nicely. You're not HUGE, so the bike's not going to be terribly slow by any means. You'll still be riding a bike that can click off low 12-second 1/4 mile times even with you on it, and top out around 135ish. My F2 didn't feel particularly slow, even saddled with about 200lbs of me and ~130lbs of passenger so the SV650 should do the trick for you. A Ninja 500 might be okay for you too, but you'll positively dwarf a 250.

A lot of the bigger guys I know graduate to liter-class twins, simply because they have some of the best low-end grunt this side of a large-displacement cruiser.

If you're looking into a cruiser as a starter bike instead, I'd recommend something around 800ccs since cruiser motors usually make about 1/2 to 2/3 the horsepower of a comparably sized sportbike engine.
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