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did somebody say buttsechs?
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Originally Posted by TheFleshRocket
If the SV650 is too sporty for you, perhaps you should look at a sport-standard. The Suzuki Bandit 600 offers more-upright ergoes and puts down around 75rwhp so it should be enough to get you moving but not be too dangerous. Then there's the Yamaha FZ6, which is basically an R6 with the engine tuned a bit more for torque, less plastic on it, and more comfortable ergoes. It puts down low 90s rwhp IIRC. It's a bit sportier and faster than the Bandit, and some of the guys here will argue that it's too much bike for a beginner.

If you like the idea of the SV650's torquey Vtwin but want a more comfortable chassis, Suzuki has stuffed that motor into the VStrom, which has much-more comfortable ergoes. It's a bit.. weird looking, but it ought to fit the bill for you as a rider.

Can you explain this a little more. I really want to know more.
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