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In a utopian world where the guy who empties the trash bins is just as important as a Fortune 500 CEO (and paid accordingly)....who would choose the pressure cooker of being the CEO if you could just mindlessly put in your 40 hours a week and go home with the same money?

I'm not saying that all CEO salaries are justified when the average worker is barely making a living wage, but the truth is that good CEO's are hard to come by (and sought after) and the job isn't nearly as cushy as everyone seems to believe. If a company fails under their watch (regardless who's fault it is) and they get canned....they are unlikely to get another comparable position, and are likely to be near retirement age anyway.

I don't think in a utopian world a CEO would earn as much as a trash collector, as the people he presumably employs and their lives outweight the benefit of trash removal; but a Paramedic WOULD get paid more than minimum wage.

These people save lives. Today's CEO gives you cheap chinese crap that has lead in it.

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Someone (I can't recall who) once said that if all the excess wealth in America were to be distributed evenly...within 10 years most of the once rich would be wealthy again, and the majority of once poor would be back where they started. I think there is a lot of truth in that..

This is probably true in a lot of cases like the lottery winners someone mentioned, or football players who got cut after a season.

An amusing train of thought, but it doesn't justify taking advantage of the masses and hoping to get by with it forever.
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