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>average moron in amerika has access to ipad, iphone, 200 dollar sneakers, and doesn't go a day with missing a visit to mcdonalds


>implying cellphone = American Dream

It's kind of sad that you trivialize people's needs with Nikes and Apple products, you know better than that. Your iPhone can show you a fake bottle pouring, but it can't keep you warm. It won't keep you fed either. For a lot of people it's a work necesity anyway not some sort of personal luxury. If you do the math between the number of iPhones and iPads sold and the number of people living in the united states you may change your idea of what average is. Also I don't have $200 sneakers. Maybe you do since you're so baller.

People are worried about having a house, having money to feed themselves and their kids, for education... God forbid take a vacation some day.

A portrait of america - poor, but we got gadgets (Designed in Taiwan and made in China)

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