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But c'mon, you've got all those OTHER heals you should be working into your rotation. You know, all the other ones that were nerfed too?

IMO, healers in general are in a pretty bad place right now for cata and most of the dev responses on the matter have been along the lines of: Don't worry, its balanced for level 85. I'm sorry, but i've gone through 2 expansions of this "the upcoming level cap's gear/abilities will fix everything" and I just don't buy it anymore.


what are they supposed to do? Balance everything at lvl 80 and then again at lvl 85? Try to think of this from a practical and smart perspective.

They will make sure that people can run instances at 80, and that 85 is fairly balanced.

What else do you need?

Two expansions and you just don't buy it anymore. THen don't.

But it sounds like you haven't an inkling of how complex balancing a mmo of this size/scope is.
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