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Hey! My Chi is sweet as hell. Sure, he can be yappy when someone comes in the house, but he chills once they pay attention to him. He's super sweet with my daughter, lets her put in a headlock and crawl all over him, and he's old as fuck, so it probably bugs him. About the only thing that sucks is that he's getting old and seems to pee around the house more than he ever did; maybe he can't hold his bladder as well as he used to, maybe he's a bit spiteful of our daughter, but he's otherwise always been a great dog. Will miss him when he's gone.

Ugh. Bad experience with chiwawawas A good friend had one and for no reason that fucker would attack me whenever I wasn't expecting it. Drew blood on several occasions; 'ankle biter' was completely accurate. I wish that had been the dog of someone I didn't like, that would have been a slam dunk for a $100,000 payday from a homeowner's policy
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