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Ugh. Bad experience with chiwawawas A good friend had one and for no reason that fucker would attack me whenever I wasn't expecting it. Drew blood on several occasions; 'ankle biter' was completely accurate. I wish that had been the dog of someone I didn't like, that would have been a slam dunk for a $100,000 payday from a homeowner's policy
I suppose it's all a crap-shoot, but they're not all bad. Of course, ours is the size of a small terrier, so...maybe that's why. Supposedly he's pure-bred, but who knows.

I don't think we'll get another dog when he passes, though. It wouldn't be fair to the dog or my mom who would basically be raising it and my daughter while my wife and I work. Plus, it really aggravates me when there's pee-spots on the carpet. Honestly, if he wasn't such an awesome dog in the past and currently with my baby girl, he'd be gone for that alone. But, I can't do that to him for all the love he's brought to our family.
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