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occasionally you have to change the brake fluid...

sometime in the lifetime of the car, swap out the battery pack...

That's one of the reasons people think GM killed off the EV1. There was no back end to it and if all their cars were like that, it would kill dealerships because they would do nothing but initial sales and changing wiper blades.

hence why Tesla moved away from the dealership model...

Ah, interesting.

Main battery pack probably requires the car to come up into the air, or removal of rear seat. I'd like to see how many miles one battery can do. Lions do over a thousand charge cycles without losing but a few percent capacity, as a minimum these days. What does this translate to in miles by the time you hit, say, 80% capacity? This has to be the one single large concern with EVs.
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i do drink but it's not as effective for immediate relief
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