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wall candy eating retard
You're not going to get the last word Badger, no matter how hard you want it. You need to learn to let things go.

I've disproved all your supposed refutations, and all you seem to be doing is continuing to post some drivel about me not having anything new. Of fucking course I have nothing new, you haven't addressed anything I've said, including:

- the operators of - your favourite source - believe CO2 has some effect on global warming (has the super-secret science conspiracy gotten to them too?!?)

- the director of UAH - the source of your satelitte data (which by the way, measured CO2 in only one location) - believes CO2 has an effect on global warming

- the oceans have warmed over the past 50 years, so any data about a 10 year cooling trend does not disprove a warming trend (especially when the 50 year data set includes every year in your 10 year set except 2008 - and no, there aren't any "new" interpretations of that particular data set)

- a drop in temperature with high CO2 levels does not automatically preclude the possibility that CO2 can have a warming effect

- your list of 38 deniers includes people who believe CO2 has an effect on warming (read the link)

- your list of 400 deniers aren't actually deniers, as most of them simply disagree with some of the more specific theories about the implications of climate change

If you feel like posting a true rebuttal to any of these points, rather than just claiming to have disproven something (you haven't), perhaps this thread can continue on a productive course. Otherwise I suggest you go back to trolling up other threads.

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