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I am pathetic why exactly? Because I have a great job, meaningful career options, nice car, great girlfriend, fit healthy body, good exercise discipline, awesome living arrangements or have more self confidence than three or four of you average little limp wristed high school kids put together?

Oh wait, is this the time where you pull out that trusty cliche "oh you post about it on the internet"? Should I lie like you fat little fucks, or just be myself? I will run with be myself.

Your mother is a cock gobbling arseclown? Whatever floats your boat tiger.

I am going swimming now, missed my weights because we got off work early and I am spending the evening with the girlfriend, so I will just go for a long swim. You keep sitting here hammering out cliches you limp wristed queer

I go to college, have a low paying job, have a 97 firebird (which is falling apart), no girlfriend, a fit body, ok exercise discipline, a decent apartment, and alot of self confidence. Also, I'll post more pics in the coming days to prove, once again, that I'm not fat (I'm 154, 5'11). No lies from fat fucks here.

Now that I've stooped to your level, I'd like to point out that the reason you are pathetic is not because you post any of this on the internet. The pathetic I was speaking of is the reflection of your character. Your choice to not make any attempt to balance logic, emotion and character leads to you treating people disrespectfully. Because of this, you have quite the reputation in this forum. However, from the looks of things, you don't care at all. That, to me, is pathetic.

Originally Posted by vinnie View Post
Your mother is a cock gobbling arseclown? Whatever floats your boat tiger.

I smiled when I saw this. This, coupled with the fact that you have to continually share your workout routine for the day, makes your posts humorous. For that I thank you.
Every positive value has its weight in negative terms.

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