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The New 3DS is region locked - newb questions regarding this fact

Basically, I'd love to buy a New 3DS (I never owned a 3DS in the past and would like to play some of the games in the ecosystem), and happen to be in Japan for the next month, but my understanding is that the 3DS is region locked.

To me, from my understanding, that means I can't play North American 3DS games when they are released on the New 3DS. I can only play Japanese games (which I don't speak, btw).

As far as I can tell, this pretty much means that it would be a bad idea for me to buy a 3DS here in Japan.

Is that correct?

Along those lines, sort of, I would like ot LEARN Japanese, and many games that I want to play don't really require me speaking Japanese (i.e. mario kart, super smash brothers, etc) other then to get through the menus. Does anybody happen to know if I were to play backup games using a flashcart if I'd still have the region lock issue?

Thanks for any info!
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