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Also, from that same blog/site, another very interesting article:

The Evolutionary Pressure of Profit
Capitalism, Communism, and Population Genetics

The Chinese orientation towards extended family life is also reflected in their language. Chinese are named with the family name first, which is a very good clue as to how they distribute their altruistic behaviors. Adult Chinese, within their own families, are referred to by their relationship, rather than their given name: older brother, older sister, second brother, second sister, etc. It is also common that cousins are referred to by their given name appended with "brother" or "sister".

The average Chinese has a different model of inclusive fitness than the average Caucasian, and this seems to be related to the divergence in population density. Inclusive fitness is the individual's relative genetic presence in the gene pool of the next generation. Thus, brothers, sisters, cousins, second-cousins all have a coefficient of relatedness, which is simply the proportion of genes that are shared in common. One doesn't need to reproduce to improve the fitness of one's own genes, as this can also be accomplished by altruistic behaviors towards close kin. The evolution of altruism and morality can be laid squarely at the feet of inclusive fitness.

The proposal that the Chinese distribute altruism over a larger number of relatives than do Caucasians is certainly controversial. However, the Chinese extended family, with three generations living under one roof, is obvious evidence for this viewpoint. Chinese economic behavior has historically been organized around kin-groups and genetic closeness, and as Janet Landa (1981) pointed out, has an economic advantage when confronting competing non-kin based business organizations.

The propensity for altruistic behaviors to increase with decreasing genetic distance, so prominent across the animal kingdom, has become the pillar upon which communism is built. As population size and genetic distance increase, there is a commensurate decrease in altruistic behaviors across that population. Note that political instability in communist countries (or any country) typically occur with the most ethnically diverse subpopulations, as is happening now in Tibet. It is no accident that the geographic and genetic isolation of the Tibetan plateau also happens to be the most politically unstable region in communist China.
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