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Game suuuuuucked. It just wasn't as fun as Diablo 2. Maybe the expansion fixed everything, but I don't want to spend money on a "maybe". Damage was already done.

I was actually ostracized from my gaming group because I dared to speak out against Diablo 3. They were playing it nonstop so I joined them for awhile. I lost interest after two weeks and had the audacity to say I found the game boring and they wouldn't be playing it in a month.

They insulted me, they blocked me on social media, and booted me from their vent server. Shit was hilarious.

They haven't played it since about a month after launch.

Vanilla d3 was very boring, I played it a bit at launch, then came back when they added paragon points. Played that for a bit then started botting. I actually started playing when Reaper of Souls came out. They buffed the legendary drop rate by 100% for the d3 anniversary, then decided to keep the buff. The game is just a lot more enjoyable to play, I'm currently taking a break from it so i can play hardcore when the ladder resets.
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