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I boost my ego by finding cars I like on eBay and then pretending to buy them!
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I'll keep it simple..

1. I don't believe for two seconds that any 17 year old has saved up nearly $40k on his own no matter how much he's making per hour. I also don't believe that any 17 year old is making $40 an hour giving piano lessons (this really is funny stuff you're making up )

2. I also don't believe that any 17 year old, even if they actually had saved up nearly $40k, would all the sudden blow it all on a monumentally stupid purchase like this. In a year and a half it's value dropped in HALF, what's it gonna do in the next year and a half??? Incredibly stupid decision on your part if you in fact made it.

3. Nobody is smart/disciplined enough to save up FOURTY THOUSAND DOLLARS in two years only to blow it on such a stupid waste of money. Yes it's a waste of money, because even your hypothetical $40k savings would be earning interest in a bank account, and $40k today will be more like $41k or whatever next year. Your $40k car today will be $20k a year and a half from now. NOBODY is that stupid, except for s

4. I believe that your parents either purchased this vehicle entirely for themselves(most likely, 90%+ chance), or purchased it for you with a very VERY modest down payment from you and everybody on the block as co-signer.

5. You're fuckin' full of shit

6. edit: or it's your dad's new company vehicle

edit2: Explain to me why on earth a 17 year old kid would buy a fucking VW Toureggnog if he really had $40k saved up? You don't have any better taste or sense than that? $40k in cash to spend on a car and you buy a fuckin' TOUREGGNOG?? What the hell man?

Toureggnogs, Intrepids, Camrys, these are all cars that your parents would be buying/leasing/company cars, not cars that a 17 year old would be buying. Your stories are 100% pure bull fucking shit

You're 22 or so and you drive 60s domestic boats that should be driven by 60 year old men who have enough in their retirement fund to restore them...yet they're still pieces of shit.

Why on earth WOULDN'T I buy this car... it's my money and seeing my username on the net for the past 3-4,years, I've LOVED the Touareg since it was revealed at a 2003 auto show.

It's a matter of taste.. just because I don't buy Civics, Integras, RX-7s, that automatically makes me full of shit? I have a long commute each day to school and back..I occasionally have long drives for work... I NEED a comfortable car, not a ricer econobox.

For the record, about the piano teacher comment, I learned until I was 15 and graduated at age 15... at that time I was paying my teacher $60 per hour.

Get your facts straight.
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