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fucking damnit, how many times do I have to go through this. Under fascism businesses were under tight regulation of the government, and were effectively government owned. Highly taxed, regulated, subsidized, Social Security, gun control, protectionism, public work creation programs... Their economies were managed and planned under the superviision of the government - everything from wages to production. How is any of this far to the right?

Under fascism, businesses and the government were anything but completely separated, which would be laissez faire capitalism

Nazism/fascism is just left of center economically, and authoritarian politically. And please don't say authoritarian = right wing. (political

You obviously haven't taken a government class, because there isn't a single professor that will entertain your ignorant claims. The only thing you're basing your assertions on are the economic side, which are vacuous anyway, without even bothing to consider the social aspect of Hitler's society. Hitler was a fervent militarist, who believed in loyalty and a strong sense of nationalism. His prejudiced ideology entailed the systematic slaughtering of millions of jews, gypsies, homosexuals, and mentally deficient people. To provide a sense of legitimacy to his policies, he would use religion and demonstrate how God was with him and his country and supported his violent, tyrannical rule. Modern day Conservatives, while obviously not as extreme, place great emphasis on religion. They believe in nationalism, a strong military, and are prejudiced against those they believe will threaten their traditions.

You claim that under the Nazi regime, all corporations were under complete and total government control, but that isn't necessarily true, as the Nazi Charter of Labor provided employers with the power to do with the workers as they pleased. The employers, in turn, were controlled by the members of the Nazi elite, so if anything, Germany's economic policies resembled more of an integration between capitalistic and plutocratic methodologies. It's apparent you don't know what you're talking about, because in a socialist/communist society, the means of production are controlled by the people. In this case, that was hardly the truth, and therefore, your contention fails based upon the fact that it does not comply with the basic definitions of government.

Oh, and by the way, I loved how you quoted, becuase that's exactly what I was going to do to support my claims.

Sorry, but your source actually proves my argument. You lose, dumbass!
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