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I think I'm a moderate because I agree with both sides on some issues but at the same time, I can swing both ways on some issues,

I agree that healthcare should be free to a point. If you make it free, then there is really no point for a drug company to invest billions into making new drugs if they won't profit off of it. They are in business to profit. It should be free because not everyone is born a millionaire or can afford decent healthcare or major surgeries. Government should pitch in a little but in today's world, no one will donate their money if they don't benefit. That's life.

Wealth redistribution, I disagree with this. I say, if a person works their ass off and makes it in this world, then they are entitled to the benefits. But, if a person didn't do jack shit and got rich by doing nothing or profiting off their parent's, then fuck them.

Animal control, I tend to disagree and agree with this. Natives and such should be allowed to hunt animals because that's there way of life but at the same time, we should save some animals from being extinct of the face of the Earth.

Speaking of Natives, I completely disagree with free healthcare for Natives. I'm sorry, yes, we took this land from them but we were the ones with the guns. Don't see the French asking for free healthcare from Germany.

Religion... arrgh. Please, I don't want to see your religion elements in public. You can practice whatever you want but please, keep it to yourself.

Gay marriage, could careless. If two people want to get married, why should we get in the way? Not my job to make up your mind when it comes to love.

I believe it was the Green Party that believes in anti-tariffs. I remember getting into an argument with some recruiter about this. They believe there shouldn't be. I totally disagree with this. If there are no tariffs, then some jackass in China will build products for a fraction of the cost and flood our markets with them. That eliminates jobs here. Already happening though :P

It seems to me that Democrats are favored by the lower class/lower middle class while Republicans are favored by the upper middle class/upper class. Then again, only reason Democrats even give a damn about the lower classes (most are from the upper class, if not all) is because it's an easy way to get into office going after the other spectrum one party doesn't care about.
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