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the 80's called and wants your cars back...

Someone asked on the last page about the chink headers. My take on them is that for 100 dollars SHIPPED you can't beat them. I think the legit supersprint headers are almost 2k, just under the purchase price of the car Power-wise im not sure they did squat but with a new mid section and nice muffler they improve the sound and look purrty under the hood.

Downside is the flanges for them are super fucked up and i ghetto hacked my midpipe flanges to work with the headers. I will be cutting the whole mess out and replacing with v-bands eventually, ive got exhaust leaks for sure.

Edit: suggestions for good audio of a vehicle at speed? I wanna figure out how to record a WOT run and have it sound like it should. Digi cam video does not work lol, tried that.
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