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We pissed off a bunch of people up in EC- (Old trust outpost), and if we couldn't piss them of with our guns, we resorted to some interesting tactics.

ISS Traffic Advisory: Large BoB bubble camp in EC- on Torrinos gate, proceed with caution.

BNC was not amuzed. Ganked a few locals too, and pulled down a hostile POS, got someone banned for 30 days, it was fun.
You know the funny thing? I flew alongside BlackLight back when he was head of NORAD and I was one of the head FCs for FA... back when one of the only reason NORAD was surviving against the likes of TunDraGon and a few minor alliances was the fleet support from FA.

Blacklight is a horrible alcoholic, he'd pass out every single night drunk on his keyboard at a random planet.
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