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Too bad GoFundMe wasn't around when i exploded my Eclipse

Hello to every donor out there,

My name is Evan and I am currently studying in UC Davis. I am a full time student and worked so hard to purchased my dream car 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer evolution final edition. I love it and like to drive it to everywhere for landscape or go to track with it once in awhile. However, the engine was blown and it caught on fire underneath the car. Everythings are fine on the car except there is a hole in the engine. I can mostly take out 2000 dollars from my saving and the tuition fees to cover a little bit, but the cost for the whole engine and labors are really expensive. So I do hope I can get some help on it. No matter how little you could help, I am really appreciate for all your kindness.

I am currently studying in UC Davis.
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