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Color is def growing on us. When looking at pictures, wife started talking about painting it...but in person, it looked great. She decided she wants to keep it as is. May look at painting the top white (with pearl or flake) just to make it stand out a bit more.

I've only driven it a couple of times for short distances...wife is making me ride bitch.

Got a good deal...again, needs work, but nothing major. Powerplant is great, no leaks, no smoke.

After a couple of days, the blinders are fading, and we're finding little things here and there that need to be addressed, but again, nothing major. Nothing that i can't do myself, and nothing that isn't expensive. The only expensive thing that needs to be done (more of a want, not a need) is redoing the interior. Nothing wrong with existing interior, just think we can make it better and purdier.

WIth a bit of money and work, i think it has easy potential for $15-20k. But i'm not worried about value. Its not going anywhere, wife loves it too much. Just like my '27...i want another car, was told to sell roadster and use that for another car....F' you!!! I'll be buried in that roadster.

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