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Nooooooo What a bummer. Was it insured?

Liability only, sadly. Miatas of this vintage don't sell for enough to be worth carrying full coverage unless they're a really special special edition with really low miles, or something. This one was just a base model with 260K on the clock. When I changed carriers a couple of months ago, it was going to cost almost as much in premiums over 12-18 months as I'd have gotten back if I filed a claim, if I got full coverage.

On the bright side, this seems to me like a pretty clear-cut case of the other driver being at fault, so I'm pretty confident I'll eventually get something back. The Ford Escape you see in the photo turned left in front of me with too little space for me to stop.

We'll see what the adjuster says, but I suspect the car is probably totaled. If that's the case, the real loss is all my hours spent replacing worn out rubber parts.
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