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You're assuming what comes after death is the same as before life. You don't know that, and you can't remember it(unless the shrooms are really good that day). But you are right in that you can't have an accurate viewpoint about life until you come to an understanding of why you're personally living and where you're assuming you'll go.

I assume nothing, and I believe nothing. I talk of only memories of actual experience.

If you can remember where you came from, and you continue to go farther back, you will also remember thats also where you ended up when you died last, then further back, its the same place where you came from when you were birthed previously, then further, where you died previously and further and further et cetera. I have been returning to the same place for billions of years. All of you have. You can remember this if you keep your mind blank long enough for it to come back to you.

This is where the dichotomy comes from in all assertions of spiritual and philosophical assertion. Some people postulate, assume, philosophize, discuss and ponder these topics with no real clue. Some people just... remember.

Please hold your reservations and attempt to allow it to come back to you. Remembering your past is an important part of our current evolutionary step. Everything that has happened from the big bang up to the formation of your current body and form is still contained in your body, your cellular genetic memory, your DNA or other. There are many metaphors produced that refer to this over the years.
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