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Blame it on shoplifters. If a private business wants to attempt to cut shrinkage, then good for them. There are negative externalities to shoplifting that affect all customers, since losses due to theft are passed onto you, either by increased prices or increased restocking fees.
But eventually a business has to decide if shrinkage will be a larger loss than the customers you'd drive away with whatever counter measure you have in mind and the cost of implementing it. If its too costly to have enough eyes on the registers to ensure that no one is walking past it might be cheaper to eat whatever walks out through the doors without a bag that LP didn't observe being stolen than drive off customers with annoying practices like receipt check points where some old woman puts a highlighter mark on receipts. Or even worse yet risk a lawsuit when your employees confront a customer and another customer gets involved on your property.

I think it compares a little to DRM. I sure bought more dvd's back in the day before every disc started prohibiting me from hitting title to skip to the menu. Why does a copied disc provide a more friendly experience to me than the one I paid $20 for? I've just download cd's I would have paid for because I knew they had copy protection that would keep me from ripping them easily. I won't hassle with software or operating systems that require me to call for activation. Not taking any losses comes at a price.
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