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Knight is easy because you can get armor with a lot of poise and not have to worry about dodging (and can cast healing spells or drink estus flasks uninterrupted). Pyromancer is easy because you have early access to powerful spells that aren't dependent on levels.

But that's only if you level them the way that they're "meant" to be leveled. You can easily turn a Wanderer into a tanky spellcaster. I started Wanderer and I've got high DEX and END with some FTH so that I can cast some miracles. I think Wanderer has an easy time going INT rather than FTH though, since it already starts with 11 INT (as opposed to 9 FTH).

If you really want to mix max take a look at all the classes and add up starting points and minus 1 for each level. What I mean is you notice some classes start as level 3 or 4 so if their strength score is 13 or 14, it's more like strength 10. Pyro starts as level 1, another reason why stat wise it's so good. If you go through this exercise it basically boils down to two classes. If you're going to be dex based, wanderer, str based, bandit. Also, interesting note about strength. When you 2 hand a weapon it not only multiplies your str requirement by 1.5, but your actual str score. Diminishing returns begin at 40 str or dex so you can actually reach that point with just 27 str if you plan on 2 handing the entire time. My last build was going to be 27 str, 40 int for a homing soul mass, greater crystal weapon, zweihander build but since it was my 5th time playing I kind of lost interest half way through.
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