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I don't have TMJ either, but I can relate to the pain and such. When I was in HS I got Crohn's and it took them forever to diagnose it, this resulted in literal probings and eventually since then I have had surgeries etc. During that time I also got blood clots and pulmonary emboli etc. Suffice it to say I went through (and I know I will again) go through a lot of pain. Earlier this year I basically went through another flare up and another clot (needed percocet to control the pain of the clot). In any case, you just need to communicate with your doctor. I was feeling very depressed where I would think about death etc. My GF finally got me to suck it up, I talked with my doctor and he put me on Celexa and now I'm feeling quite good. No more severe mood swings etc.

Doctors are there to help you. If they aren't, find someone else.
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